Creating a Collaborative and Impactful NFT Lending Partnership: Maximizing Opportunities with Moonbirds Community and Beyond


I share an exciting (possible) opportunity with you regarding a passed proposal in the Moonbirds community for the creation of an NFT lending protocol. Although this idea has not been implemented yet, there may be potential for HiFi to collaborate with Proof and develop a mutually beneficial project (or are we not there yet!?). The idea would be that by combining our lending protocol expertise and their name/recognition, we can establish a valuable partnership. This approach can also serve as a blueprint for engaging other NFT communities. You can find more details about the Moonbirds proposal here: [link to the proposal]. Let’s explore this opportunity further and discuss how we would/ could maximize our collaboration.

I’d like to acknowledge MainBrain for bringing this opportunity to our attention in the lobby channel and recognizing the value it can bring to our community. The framework we develop can potentially be utilized when approaching other NFT communities. However, it’s important to consider the process and avoid rushing into voting on collateral consideration until we gauge genuine interest. Simultaneously, it’s crucial for us to launch our own functional NFT collection with the help of the Hifi lending instrument & PooledNFT v2, demonstrating its effectiveness to the Moonbirds community, et al – as we propose exploring this partnership and others.

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If we get a bit more liquidity into hifi, we could start doing what Doug wanted and those hifi collaborations of letting projects borrow against them with a 50% rate. If we did go this route, we shouldn’t target the high end stuff, like Apes or Punks, but the lower end stuff like CoolCats, 0n1-Force or Moonbirds. Since we are in the NFT bear, most of these things have bled quite a lot and so, going down another 50% seems unlikely, but if it did, it would still be more affordable than buying the floor due to the liquidation incentive in place.

All the midtier stuff, usually doesn’t have much liquidity available to them and now is the time they need it the most with everyone hurting equally due to price going down.