Messari Governor Coverage Announcement for Hifi Finance!

Hi Hifi Finance!

My name is Joel, and I work as a Governance Analyst at Messari. We’re happy to announce that we recently added coverage for Hifi Finance on our Governor product which tracks and summarizes discussions and proposals across forums, Snapshot, and on-chain governance with the ability to vote directly.

We added a governance profile for Hifi Finance and its governance process.

You can suggest edits to the governance profile if you want to add or update any information.

Any and all feedback is welcomed, and we would love to know how you use Messari Governor.

Also, we would be happy to demo the product to the DAO’s team or broader community to highlight how it can be valuable and chat about other governance services we can provide (for example, this Optimism analysis).

I look forward to all your feedback!


Thank you, @joel.miya, for including Hifi Finance in the Governor product. I hope to receive some feedback from the community in the near future.
By the way the governance token is $HIFI. We swapped a couple of months ago. There are the swap details. You can find more information on our blog.

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@joel.miya Looks like it could be useful for mesarri members. Next, we need you to update the actual asset page for hifi. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @joel.miya and welcome to the Hifi community!
Thank you for adding a governance coverage profile for Hifi.

It is the first time I hear about Messari, but glad to see this great collaboration and hope to hear more in the future.


Thank you for the feedback! I have made that change from MFT to HIFI. And should now be reflected on the Hifi Finance Governor DAO page!

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Thanks for the feedback @doug! I have put in a request for the Hifi asset page on Messari to update the logo and change the token ticker symbol from hifi to HIFI.

Is there anything else you see that needs to be updated?

I’d start with the adding the markets and then create a profile tab.

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Suggestions for improvement.

There have been 2 snapshot votes, but only 1 provided in Messari. Please add Snapshot

Hopefully im not wrong, as i dont have a sub, so i cant see the full content.


Any updates on the suggestions?

Hello Josue and Hifi community!

My name is Ryan, and I’m a governance analyst working on Messari’s Governor product! I apologize for the delay here, and I wanted to hop in to provide some updates on the community’s suggestions!

  • HIP 2 has been added here.
  • As mentioned above, we have forwarded the suggestions regarding the Asset profile and markets to the respective teams.

The feedback is much appreciated! Please let me know if anything else within the Governor profile appears missing/incomplete, and I’ll do my best to get it sorted for the community!