Pooled NFT Templates for Affiliates

We discussed the idea in Discord today about creating templates for NFT communities to help onboard new communities. Given that each community NFT project is different but not that different, there will likely need to be a few different templates to cover the vast majority of projects. One example was already shared to Discord which can be shared here as an example. Anyone that is able to help contribute please share here.

Please see the below example.

Dear Community and Team,

A project I follow is trying to create infrastructure that would allow for NFT’s and Real-world assets to be borrowed against. They are doing this by allowing NFT’s to be deposited into a smart contract to be pooled. Each wallet that deposits an NFT into the smart contract receives an ERC-20 token representing that NFT. This will allow people to create liquidity pool’s on Uniswap between different pairs. For example, …. / ETH or …. / USC. The whole idea behind this is it will create arbitrage opportunities between NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Blur.io for the higher ranked NFT’s and ideally the lower ranked NFT’s will end up in the pool. This will hopefully create a stable floor price to allow for lending and borrowing.

I personally have played around with depositing …. in and out of the pools in version 1 and version 2. I have also played around with creating a liquidity pool on Uniswap with …. and another NFT swap pair. Currently I can swap a …. for another ERC-20 token and sell that token into ETH without having to wait for buyer’s on Opensea.

I am bringing this up as a fellow …. holder because I would like to know whether the Team and Community are interested in this concept?

Obviously this is a brief summary of how this concept works and doesn’t include any risks that maybe involved. Any feedback from the community work be greatly appreciated.